Graduate Program in Ecology of Inland Water Ecosystems - PEA

Master's and Doctoral Degree in Ecology and Limnology

Research Area: Biodiversity

Main research lines: River and Floodplain Ecology; Reservoir Management



The PEA openned a call for applications for PhD candidates with enrollment in March 2020:

  • Applications: Sep/02 to Nov/14
  • Results: Dec/13
  • Enrollment: March 02 to 04, 2020

More information at 'News' > 'Admission'.

Optional Courses and Special Topic Courses 2019

There are 6 courses planned for the second semestre/2019.

For more information access: Courses - Non-Regular Students.

Degree defences schedule

Watch live talks and degree defences here:

Virtual Academic Office DAA - Enrolment Certification and Transcripts

Instructions to emission of Enrolment Certification and Transcripts in the DAA website:

1. access the webpage (SAV);

2. insert your ID (Academic Registration - RA) - (you must include the letters "pg" before the ID numbers - e.g.: pg50567) and your password;

3. click in "Solicitação" and then in "Nova";

4. select the option "Atestados" "Históricos" and click in "Atestado/ de Matrícula/Histórico Pós-Graduação";

5. click in "solicitar". The server will generate a "pdf" document, which you can visualise and print.

You can generate the document and print anywhere with internet access.

Each document is valid for 15 days to be certified on-line. You can generate the documents for free anytime you need.

In case of doubts, contact